I collect digital art that I find interesting. Here's a curated selection of pieces and works I've collected so far.


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Animated 1/1s

Animation feels like it’s truly native to the digital art world.

β€œUppers and Downers”by Cemhah
β€œSylvia #01”by Naime
β€œWarm Bath”by Lisaodt
β€œProjected reality”by Ty Dale

The Florist's by unickate

As unickate describes:

Welcome to my ⁕ Florist’s ⁕ where plants transcend time. Flowers on the blockchain are like diamonds β€” everlasting.

Jake Farmer

Jake does incredible work with neon like aesthetics, using shapes from letters and text

β€œ< LOADING_02 >”by Jake Farmer
β€œ< LOADING_03 >”by Jake Farmer
β€œSonic Waves”by Jake Farmer
β€œEGO #44 "DISRUPTER"”by Jake Farmer

🚧 this page is still under construction 🚧