I'm looking for new things to do from October 1, 2017

I've had a productive and challenging time at the news department of DR. Shaping a process for an integrated innovation team and delivering concepts and products to bring the news to young people was the perfect challenge – and what better times than these?

But as my contract is coming to its end and things are changing in my personal life as well it's time for something new.

I will be moving from Copenhagen to Aalborg in early 2018.

I'd love to hear from you via Twitter or you can send me an email.

I can build and shape every part of a digital product

I have been programming and making apps and websites since before I was a teenager. I've worked in several teams as well as on my own. I can do everything from idea to prototype to design to bringing it all to life with code.

I can lead a team and a process from idea to reality

During my time at DR I've been at the head of multiple fast-paced design sprints bringing together journalists, production people, designers and programmers. Always coming out the other end with a user tested prototype.

Some examples of products I've built

10er.dk / Motherload / Latr.fm / Nyheder på Messenger

Visit my portfolio site at brnbw.com or read some issues of my newsletter if you'd like to get to know me some more.

I'm looking for…

Medium-to-large freelance contracts or the right job. I don't bother too much about what my job title is and I love to hear about interesting projects so don't be shy.

I'd love to hear from you via Twitter or you can send me an email.

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